Our Story

 It all started in November of 2018 when I (Laura) got my first puppy, a French Bulldog named Caicos. I became obsessed with her and dressing her the cutest accessories on the market. The only problem was, I could never find anything that I absolutely loved and that was a local Canadian brand.

​I wanted to create accessories and wanted them to be comfortable and affordable yet super fashionable, that's not too much to ask for right? I knew I could create what I had imagined in my head to fit my dogs style and to inspire other dogs to be just as fashionable!​ I thrive on the fact that Island Dog Co. is a female owned brand in Canada that also supports international trade. 

Caicos is named after the Island, Turks & Caicos, hence the name Island Dog Co., because she really is the inspiration behind it all.

​This is just the beginning for us at Island Dog Company. Thanks for joining us on our journey! 


Island Dog Co.

@islanddogcompany | @caicosthefrenchie